Owens Beach

I’ve really been too busy to get out and do any serious photography, but when the sun broke through the heavy layer of clouds for awhile today, I took the opportunity to go down to Owens Beach in Point Defiance Park for an hour or so and look for birds I haven’t had a chance to see since last year.

My Belted Kingfisher was still hanging out at his usual hangout and was still as camera shy as ever, but I managed to get this shot looking out through the wire fence from inside the building, and it turned out much better than I ever expected:

Belted Kingfisher

The shot of the day, though, was this one of a Surf Scoter, a bird I’m much more apt to see at Titlow, about two or three hundred yards away. This one, however, came right up to the dock below me while I waited to try to capture a better picture of the Kingfisher:

male Surf Scoter

These pictures will have to hold me until I finish the presents for Colorado that need to be in the mail this week:

4 thoughts on “Owens Beach

  1. Your bird photos are distinctive. It’s as if the birds recognize you and step forward (sometimes close, sometimes not so close) to be photographed. I like these very much, Loren.

    A few days ago I was surprised to see a flock of 12-15 wood ducks in the water here at Scudder Pond. This morning I saw a female Bufflehead. The bald eagles are building a nest again in the cottonwood grove to the northeast. A variety of birds have been at the two suet feeders on my second-story porch lately — Chickadees, Towhees, Bushtits, Oregon Juncos, Downy Woodpeckers, some kind of Sparrow, Starlings and an occasional Steller’s Jay. I used to see House Finches, Pine Siskins and Goldfinches. Still look for them. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a Pileated Woodpecker visit my porch. The birds don’t seem to mind that Oboe looks out at them.

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