Pacific Science Center Tropical Butterfly Garden

Ever since I saw the shots that Shelley Powers took in a butterfly garden and learned that there was a butterfly garden in the Seattle Pacific Science Center, I’ve wanted to go and take pictures.

I finally got there today because I thought Jen and the kids would enjoy the butterfly garden and the dinosaur display. As it turned out, though I think I ended up taking pictures under the worst of all possible condition. It was unseasonably hot today, 85 degrees, and when I tried to take my first shot the lens was so steamed up that the camera wouldn’t focus.

Even stranger, I somehow ended up being alone with Zoe, and it’s rather difficult to take pictures of butterflies while trying to entertain a three year old who you have to lift up to see most of the butterflies.

That said, I suspect taking pictures of butterflies is a little unfair because they are so beautiful that it’s hard NOT to take a good picture of them.

A designer could do much worse than to use the subtle shades of brown and gray found on this butterfly:

And the colors on this butterfly seemed to beautifully complement the plant it had landed on:

While the brilliant reddish-orange seemed to make this a favorite with many visitors.

Since I bought a year-long membership, I hope to head back up on another day to try to get even better shots.

3 thoughts on “Pacific Science Center Tropical Butterfly Garden”

  1. The middle image is really stunning Loren – not just the elegance of the butterfly itself, but the fact that the pink on the plant and on its wing are so perfectly matched. What were the chances of that happening I wonder?

  2. Thanks, alan.

    That’s why I chose to post that picture rather than another to post, though I’ll have to admit that it was purely accidental (intuitive) that I took that shot.

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