Finally, Some New Pictures

Inspired by Simon Barnes’ How to Be a (BAD) Birdwatcher, the visit to my bird feeder by our local Red Shafted Flickers,

and, most importantly, by a brief break in the clouds, I headed to Pt Defiance beach to see what kinds of pictures I could capture before the clouds closed in again.

I find it reassuring that no matter which way the wind blows there will always be birds waiting for me at the beach:

The highlight of the shoot was finding my friend the Belted Kingfisher happily waiting for me on the pipe at the end of the Pt Defiance Boathouse:

Since this is exactly the same spot I captured a sequence of pictures last year, I half believe this is the same Kingfisher I played tag with for so long last year.

It’s amazing how a few minutes of sunshine can brighten up a day — not to mention a rather drab web page badly in need of some pictures.

4 thoughts on “Finally, Some New Pictures

  1. Well, that one was a little less monotone! But did I tell you the remaining fish contributed to a population explosion? I have four of the original fish, and about 15 yearlings. Have to protect them through the winter!

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