Ah, My Little Chickadee

After being told yesterday that what I’ve thought was a Junko for several years was actually a Black-Capped Chickadee, I was met this morning by Chickadees at Dawn when I went to Birdnote. I was a little surprised to discover there’s actually a whole book, The Black-capped Chickadee – Behavioral ecology and natural history devoted to these small birds. Obviously I’m not the first person to notice them. Still, it’s highly unlikely I will ever read, much less purchase this particular book. Though I originally started attracting birds to my garden as a natural way of controlling insects and of trying to make amends for my part in destroying wildlife habitat, now I feed them simply to see and hear them each day. A sack of bird feed a month seems a small price to pay for the beauty and joy they bring:

As common as grass,
as free as the air
lifting their wings,
black-capped chickadees
explode from the feeder,
fragments of nature
disappearing faster
than the human eye
can comprehend,
unwilling to pay
homage to any man,
even one bearing gifts.

What do you think?

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