7 thoughts on “When You Care Enough

  1. This is a particularly nice one and I wish you lived near to teach me these things. I also recognize the symbol and it accents the flower perfectly.

    True art.

  2. Isn’t there some way to share desktops with OS X?-

    With that ability and iSight it should be possible to communicate well enough to teach someone something like this, even long distance, Shelley.

    The hardest part is simply learning how to make an accurate mask, and there are a lot of books that teach that, but the best I’ve found is a book called Masking and Compositing by Katrin Eismann,.

  3. Here in America we call the flower Bleeding Heart, eiya, and somewhere in my mind the two just seemed to go together, though, unlike Shelley, I had to hunt up the symbol for heart online.

  4. I stand corrected; it is a fuschia, which I confused with last year’s bleeding heart picture, which of course makes the “heart” symbol somewhat irrelevant.

    My wife must not have read this page when she was gone or she would have corrected me before it had gone this long.

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